Uglydoll Babo's Cookies

It is a race to collect four of the same uglydolls whilst quickly passing the hands around the table, as soon as you get four of the same, grab a cookie from the middle of the table. As soon as someone starts grabbing, you all have to. One person won’t get a cookie, only a crumb. When you have three crumbs, you are out of the game. The last one standing wins. A great larger group of kids (and adults) game.


“The Crazy Snatch-the-Cookies Card Game


No cookie jar is left unemptied when Babo's around, so when he opens the jar you've got to be quick to snatch a cookie before they're all gone. Join Babo and the rest of the Uglydolls in this crazy card-passing, cookie-snatching game. Collect 4 matching Uglys and you can snatch a cookie. Too slow? Well... you can eat the crumbs!"

Players: 3 - 10 players


Ages: 6+


Length: 15 minutes.


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We recommend: 5 - 10 players


We think: 8+


It can last: 15 minutes.

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