Speed Cups

Ready, Steady, Go! Flip over a card and race each other to get your cups in the right order. It could be horizontal or vertical. Be the  first person to get the cups in the right order to win the card. This is a great speed game for everyone to get involved in.


Haim Shafir's most famous game design, Halli Galli, includes one of the best-known game props in existence: a bell. Players both young and old love to hit the bell after spotting a winning combination, so it's no surprise to see the bell return in yet another Shafir design: Speed Cups.

Players: 2 - 4 players


Ages: 6+


Length: 15 minutes.


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We recommend: 2 - 4players


We think: 5+


It can last: 5 - 15 minutes.




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