Sleeping Queens

There are 20 queens asleep, and they need a king to come and wake them up. A player needs to try to wake up as many queens as they can, but be careful of your friends’ knights who are trying to steal them from you. Using kings, knights, dragons, sleeping potions, wands and jesters you play your way through the game trying to get as many queens as you can. This is a great family game with enough strategy for all ages. The illustrations are great, too.


Rise and shine! The Pancake Queen, the Ladybug Queen, and ten of their closest friends have fallen under a sleeping spell and it's your job to wake them up.

Players: 2 - 5 players


Ages: 8+


Length: 10 minutes.


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We recommend: 3 - 5 players


We think: 5+


It can last: 10 - 20 minutes.


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