Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective

By using an old London map, a phone directory, and a newspaper, can you find enough clues to solve the case? You must visit  different places and talk to the people, read out their passage from the book and see whether they are a witness or red herring. It is a cooperative game with as many people playing as you like. Some cases take 2 hours to solve and some 4. When you think you have solved it, check the answer card. This is an excellent group strategy game.


Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective: Jack the Ripper & West End Adventures is a standalone expansion to Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective with updated graphics that features ten more cases to be solved in Sherlock Holmes' Victorian-era London, England. A "London Directory", map, and newspaper archives are included with the cases.


Included are six independent "West End Adventures" cases (redesigned and updated from the 1995 expansion), and a series of four new cases based on the Jack the Ripper murders.

Players: 1 - 8 players


Ages: 10+


Length: 60 - 120 minutes.


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We recommend: 2+ players


We think: 14+


It can last: 120+ minutes.

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