Rings Up

Rings Up is a great speed game. Each player has eight rings in front of them in four different colours. Each player then races to put the rings on their thumb in the order of the card in front, when you have done it, yell, ‘Rings Up’ to win the card. We like this game a lot because the cards are really creative with the pictures and ways to show you which order the colours go in. A great group game for the whole family to get involved in.


Rings Up a.k.a Thumbs Up! is what you'll say if you're faster than the other players and can arrange your rings first.


To start play, each player take eight rings — two each of red, blue, green and yellow — and places them on the table. Each round states with one player revealing a challenge card that shows a colored image, with numbers on the various colored items. Players then race to stack some of their rings on one thumb in the order shown on the challenge card. The first player to do so claims the card, and the first player to collect five cards wins!


Thumbs Up! includes variants that have you start each round with the rings on your fingers or in a pile in the center of the table.

Players: 2 - 6 players


Ages: 6+


Length: 10 minutes.


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We recommend: 3 - 6 players


We think: 6+


It can last: 5 - 15 minutes.


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