A memory game for the whole family. Roll the dice and then try to  find the two coloured eggs matching the colours on the dice. You get two tries each turn. Be the  first player to collect six penguins on his/her iceberg to be the winner. There are a couple of different ways to play to make the game easier or more difficult. This is a great game for kids and adults alike to work on their memory skills!


Welcome to the South Pole! Our penguins in Pengoloo are ready to play with you, so roll the dice to find their matching hidden eggs. Be the first to collect six penguins to win. Memory and a little luck will help you succeed in this fun South Pole eggspedition!


In slightly more detail, players roll colored dice, then look for eggs of those colors. The twist is that you can re-find eggs that have already been found to take additional turns. The advanced rule option allows players to steal eggs from each other.

Players: 2 - 4 players


Ages: 4+


Length: 10 minutes.


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We recommend: 4 players


We think: 4+


It can last: 10 minutes.

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