My First Stone Age

My First Stone Age a.k.a Stone Age Junior is an excellent take on the adult version of the game. The players have to try to collect items to build their settlements. You move your player by turning over a tile and completing the action on the tile. You have to try and remember where the tiles are to get the best moves that you can. This is a great starter strategy game.


Travel to the past with Jonon and Jada, two stone age children, to rediscover how the first humans settled the world around them.


In My First Stone Age, a children's version of the Stone Age family game, the players collect goods and build their own settlement.

Players: 2 - 4 players


Ages: 5+


Length: 15 minutes.


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We recommend: 3 - 4 players


We think: 4+


It can last: 15 minutes



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