Four themed questions, four answers that all have one thing in common. Find the Link and say it before your opponent and win the card. We like this trivia game because it bridges the generation gap. If you only know two or three answers on the card you aren’t excluded, you can still work out the link. The cards have all sorts of difficulties and themes. A good round the table game with a group of people. It can be played in teams or alone.


Linkee is a trivia party game. It can be played by individual players or teams.


Questions on a card are read out but answers are kept secret. Once all questions and a further clue have been given players must work out what links those answers and shout Linkee! Get it right and win the card. Each question card has a letter on the back. Once you have the correct letters to spell Linkee you win the game.


Described as a shouty outy family game, the game is intended to be boisterous family fun.

Players: 2 - 200 players


Ages: 14+


Length: 30 minutes.


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It can last: 30 minutes.

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