A cooperative game! In Hanabi, you need to make all of the beautiful  reworks, in the correct order. You can’t see your own cards, only your teammates. You need to give each other clues and what to do on each turn. It is a hard game if you play it strictly, without cheating, which we are still working on! This is a great 2 - 5  player game.


Players play co-operative fireworks to compose 5 fireworks of different colors. The small subtlety of Hanabi is that the players can not at any time consult their cards, which they take in hand turned towards their comrades. To win, they will have to build five successive suites of cards of the same color.  - Asmodee

Players: 2 - 5 players


Ages: 8+


Length: 20 minutes.


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We recommend: 2 - 5 players


We think: 10+


It can last: 20 - 30 minutes


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