Dead Last

Learn who your real friends are in this great party game. You have to privately choose someone to shoot, reveal and the largest group shoots the person. You can talk and try and get people to shoot someone, but be careful that they don’t all gang up on you! You end with a shoot out, will you share the booty or try and take it all for yourself? This is a really fun after dinner game with a large group of people.


If you didn't see it coming, you're already dead.


The Tontine. An ages-old investment scheme, where you just buy a ticket and could potentially make millions – if you are the last living member. But there’s a reason Tontines are illegal. They have a tendency to lead to murder. That doesn’t mean they don’t still exist. In fact, you hold a ticket to a quickly collapsing Tontine. With only a few dozen members left, it is now kill or be killed. It could mean a fortune, if you’re DEAD LAST. - Smirk and Dagger

Players: 6 - 12 players


Ages: 14+


Length: 10 - 90 minutes.


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We recommend: 6 - 12 players


We think: 10+


It can last: 30 - 60 minutes.

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