Carcasonne: South Seas

South Seas is a new and very good variation of Carcassonne. The pictures on the tiles just make you feel like you are on an island somewhere. In this variation you build islands, collect fish and harvest bananas. An excel- lent new version of the game.


Carcassonne: South Seas keeps the familiar tile-laying gameplay of the original Carcassonne, with players adding a tile to the playing area each round and optionally placing a token on the tile to claim ownership of...something. Instead of the familiar cities, roads and farms, however, players in Carcassonne: South Seas use their meeples to gather bananas, shellfish and fish, then ship those goods to traders in exchange for points. - BGG

Players: 2 - 5 players


Ages: 8+


Length: 35 minutes.


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We recommend: 2 - 5 players


We think: 8+ years old


It can last: 30 minutes.

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