Camel Up

Camel Up is a bunch of laughs to play. The camels race around a track and land on top of each other, get knocked back or left behind. You can bet on which camel will win the race, but the earliest bets get the most mon- ey, of course! We like the pace of the game as it is not too fast or slow. The outcome can be changed very quickly. Just the one roll of a dice can change the entire outcome of the game. This is a fun strategic and luck game for the family.


Super Cup Extension comes with 4 our extra modules to extend your game. The first extends the track allowing for a longer race. Introducing the Photographer gives extra rewards for predicting the movement of a camel stack. Number 3 gives flexibility to your betting positions.. Finally betting partnerships, where you can cooperate to thwart or help the other players.


“In Camel Up, up to eight players bet on five racing camels, trying to suss out which will place first and second in a quick race around a pyramid. The earlier you place your bet, the more you can win — should you guess correctly, of course. Camels don't run neatly, however, sometimes landing on top of another one and being carried toward the finish line. Who's going to run when? That all depends on how the dice come out of the pyramid dice shaker, which releases one die at a time when players pause from their bets long enough to see who's actually moving!“

Players: 2 - 8 players


Ages: 8+


Length: 20 - 30 minutes.


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We recommend: 4 - 8 players


We think: 10+


It can last: 30 minutes.


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